Magma is published annually 
by Documents Publishing.

Documents is an independent publishing house specialising in art publications based 
in Paris, France, founded 
by Paul Olivennes in 2021.

Documents is also a collaborative design studio 
and creative consultancy. 
With a practice rooted in publication design, exhibition development and content production, Documents works closely and flexibly with collaborators and artists 
on all stages of a project 
from start to finish.

We bring our experience and knowledge from publishing into different contexts across the visual arts.

For more information contact: paul@documentspublishing.com

Editorial Principle

Magma revives the tradition of the great twentieth century revues d’art. Conceived as a forum for artistic expression, artists and writers collaborate and co-create.

Magma is an invitation to participate in a dialogue that transcends the usual boundaries of the art world. It is a meeting place. Each artist’s contribution is an original or an unseen work, created for the publication or published for the first time.

The journal brings together humans from different generations and backgrounds — artists, photographers, writers, directors, sculptors, architects. They have a free hand, both in form and content, to address a subject and build a narrative by producing a unique and original piece.

Hans Ulrich Obrist, who wrote the publication preface, remarks: Magma brings worlds into contact with other worlds.

Large format, bound like a book for annual publication, Magma is a rare object in an ever-faster paced society, providing us the opportunity to look, read, and collect.

Editor-in-chief & Creative Director

Paul Olivennes


Art Directors

Helena Kadji & Rocío Ortiz



Publisher & Art Production



Eric Namont


Web Development


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